private equity due diligence

As we conduct market/business diligence on potential transactions, our clients expect actionable insights on critical market and strategic issues. We work together as if we are partners down the hall. We are flexible to changes in scope and real-time detours in research focus. Our goal is to provide impact and actionability in assessing the realities of the opportunity relative to risk.

We provide input on:

  • Total addressable market: size, growth, penetration, and segmentation
  • Market growth drivers
  • Customer needs, buying behaviors, loyalties, and concerns
  • Delineation of purchase and loyalty drivers
  • Company and competitor value propositions and insulation
  • Competitor landscape, market share, growth and SWOT
  • Relative profitability and direction
  • Market gaps, risks and opportunities

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primary industries

building products
senior living
consumer products and services
food & beverage
business services

case studies

  • Traditional, Post-LOI Market Diligence

    The private equity client was nervous. The acquisition target had no data on market dynamics, was unwilling to share customer lists and had dozens of competitors swirling. How to submit a competitive bid without insights about the market’s potential (and the target’s positioning)?

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  • Portfolio Company Survey

    A new CEO arrived at the portfolio company, convinced that fixing a problem with the company’s primary product would unlock substantial growth. Prior to authorizing capital-intensive retooling, the equity owners encouraged him to survey customers and buying behaviors. Fortunately for ownership…

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  • Portfolio Company Growth Assessment

    A portfolio company asked their equity owners for a significant capital investment to increase production capacity of a commodity chemical. But how could they know if the market could absorb the increased supply without adversely impacting pricing?

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  • Pre-LOI Market Diligence Case Study

    A lower-middle market private equity group faced a dilemma. The bankers running a sale process were triple-tracking bidders and gave them all a very tight window in which to respond with a bid.

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  • Sell-Side Growth Opportunity Analysis

    Not surprisingly, potential buyers shy away from investing in relatively small companies in enormous, slow-growth, highly regulated markets dominated by global market leaders. In this case, the sellers opted to commission a sell-side growth opportunity assessment to place in the data room for potential buyers to see an objective assessment of the Company’s prospects.

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  • Corporate Dilemma

    A client was well aware that it had a problem. It created the problem by sacrificing quality, and its market share had quickly eroded – dramatically. Management wondered if its legacy and any remaining loyalty plus some major improvements, would be enough to pull it out of its nosedive, or if they would be too little, too late.

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