research based growth consulting

We help clients make decisions with enhanced confidence, because these decisions can be grounded in facts from the market, customers, competitors and suppliers. We deliver action-oriented research designed to identify tangible ways to accelerate growth.

Examples of the strategic growth decisions we contribute to:

  • Should we enter this market?
  • Are our hypotheses about customer needs and opportunities correct?
  • Should we acquire competitor X?
  • What is the best means to serve this market – products, channels, price points, value propositions, etc?
  • How can be compete more effectively, given A, B and C?
  • How can we fix our historical problem with XYZ?

We quantify and prioritize opportunities for new products or services, new distribution channels, new geographies, mergers and/or acquisitions, amongst others as part of business growth consulting. 

  • Attractiveness of expansion opportunities -- size, growth, and potential profit pool
  • Success factors required and comparison to company capabilities
  • Both organic and inorganic growth initiatives
  • Competitive landscape and any barriers to entry
  • Market gaps, risks and opportunities

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primary industries

building products
senior living
consumer products and services
food & beverage
business services

case studies

  • Corporate Market-Entry Analysis

    A client assumed it could successfully enter an ancillary market by leveraging its existing strengths. Doing so would allow its customers to buy additional products from it, reducing their supplier base. Unfortunately, these were only assumptions…

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  • Traditional, Post-LOI Market Diligence

    The private equity client was nervous. The acquisition target had no data on market dynamics, was unwilling to share customer lists and had dozens of competitors swirling. How to submit a competitive bid without insights about the market’s potential (and the target’s positioning)?

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  • Pre-LOI Market Diligence Case Study

    A lower-middle market private equity group faced a dilemma. The bankers running a sale process were triple-tracking bidders and gave them all a very tight window in which to respond with a bid.

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  • Corporate Data Analytics

    Acclaro developed a number of hypotheses to answer each of these questions. In order to answer them, we needed to carefully create a sample of customers and prospective/potential customers.

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  • Corporate Strategy

    While we define ourselves as research-based strategy consultants, the “strategy” components is admittedly often not our domain. However, there have been a number of projects in which we act as facilitators in strategic planning meetings, create portions of the strategic growth plan, attend strategic planning meetings to present our research, analysis, and recommendations.

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  • Corporate Dilemma

    A client was well aware that it had a problem. It created the problem by sacrificing quality, and its market share had quickly eroded – dramatically. Management wondered if its legacy and any remaining loyalty plus some major improvements, would be enough to pull it out of its nosedive, or if they would be too little, too late.

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