our mission, vision, values

mission statement

To help our lower-middle market private equity clients focus on the right companies (with eyes wide open to the opportunities and the risks); and help management teams focus on the best options for growth, post-close.

Acclaro's Vision


To ensure our loyal cadre of clients has the highest ROIs in the industry, by consistently generating actionable insights to support investment decisions and subsequently, portfolio company growth strategy execution.

  • To enable our clients to make more informed strategic decisions with impactful and actionable ideas, options, and recommendations.
  • To serve as the trusted advisor and partner to clients who acknowledge a scarcity of market data as well as a need for more than just information.
  • To be aligned with our clients: to think, ask, probe, and push as they would. To recognize the concerns and opportunities that they would see, in real time, as we conduct the research and analysis.
Acclaro's Values


We like to paint pictures; and our clients prefer color – color commentary, nuanced definition, highlights of areas of importance – because life is rarely black and white.

We are focused on outcomes, by linking research to solutions. We view our role as to serve as more than data gatherers; we deliver ideas, options and actionable insights to address your decision points directly.

Client Commitment.
We exist to serve our clients and consistently deliver winning insights. We develop relationships that make a positive impact in our clients’ lives.

We work together, as if we are partners down the hall. We communicate frequently. If there is bad news, it travels fast. We are an extension of your team.

Philosophy of Flexibility.
We are fast and flexible. We respond quickly as insights dictate. We make changes in scope and real-time re-directions of research focus – in fact, we embrace these changes as they inevitably result in more targeted and efficacious research.

We are all about Growth.
Acclaro Growth Partners is ambitious, proactive, and persevering in identifying, assessing and prioritizing growth opportunities for our clients.

We protect our clients’ reputation, intellectual property, and financial resources as though they were our own. We treat everyone with respect and courtesy.

Premium Value.
We provide actionable insights and street-savvy recommendations with unsurpassed service to deliver premium value.