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Need to define a successful consulting engagement? 

Check out my white paper on 10 Ways to get the most out of your consulting relationship on your next engagement.

He wanted to know how they had performed on the team with us

After a recent project, the client asked a question that would essentially turn the client/service provider relationship on its head. He wanted to know how they had performed on the team with us. The very notion of asking the question demonstrated that this client was thinking of our relationship exactly as we want clients to think of it – as collaborating partners, striving together for the same objective. If I could not describe in detail what it means to collaborate effectively, then shame on me! The white paper will shed light for you on how to get the most from your consulting partner.

Big picture growth strategy engagements can be impactful, but they can also be intimidating, complicated, expensive and time-consuming – particularly for those management teams not experienced with the value of research-based strategy consulting.

If that is the case with one or more of your portfolio companies, consider asking them to dip their toes in the water of research and consulting -- let them see the value of enhanced awareness of market opportunities and risks. Sometimes, CEOs simply need a Second Opinion; a limited scope research service we recently introduced.

About the Author

Christopher “Kit” Lisle, founder and managing partner of Acclaro Growth Partners, directs Corporate Development and Strategic Planning for Acclaro as well as lending support to teams delivering projects in M&A, marketing, corporate growth planning and quasi-turnarounds.

Kit's experience in market intelligence is based upon his military intelligence services as well as working for private companies. Prior to Acclaro, he served as Vice-President of Acquisition Services for Markowitz and McNaughton, developing extensive experience with market-entry analysis and market due diligence. During his military career, Kit served as an intelligence officer in the U.S. Army: he was a Eurasia Desk Officer in the Office of the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the Pentagon.

Acclaro Services - Traditional, Post-LOI Market Diligence

Contact me, Kit Lisle, founder and managing partner at Acclaro Partners. Simply call today – 703.434.3597 - and I'll be happy to explain how we can help you - whether it’s growth strategy consulting or a simple Second Opinion, we are here when you need us.We look forward to hearing about what’s keeping you up at night.

Acclaro Growth Partners is a research-based strategy consulting firm that provides market/business due diligence, strategic market insights, and market growth planning, serving private equity and corporate clients.

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