Portfolio Company Survey

The problem: A new CEO arrived at the portfolio company convinced that there was a fundamental problem with the Company’s primary product. He believes that fixing this problem would unleash a period of substantial growth. Before agreeing to allow him to embark on an expensive re-tooling operation, however, the equity owners encouraged him to conduct a survey of end customer needs and buying behaviors.

The solution: Acclaro designed a robust and multi-dimensional survey of dealers and end-consumers to include actual customers and prospective customers (meeting several screening criteria).

The result: The result was an exhaustive set of data and analyses demonstrating exactly what consumers wanted, needed and would be willing to pay for. Interestingly, consumer data did not parallel dealer perceptions. The new CEO’s hypothesis was not substantiated by either the dealers’ or the end consumers’ feedback. As a result, our research facilitated the re-focusing of the CEO’s attention on the true low-hanging fruit.

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