Corporate Data Analytics

The problem: Frequently, clients simply need data. The reasons behind the need are many and varied: A new CEO needs a foundation on which to craft a new strategy, a tracking tool is necessary to see how the Company is performing relative to customer purchase decision criteria, an employee satisfaction survey is critical to retaining talent, a business development database is essential to analyzing and assessing where to focus business development resources, and deep-dive Go/No Go assessment will hinge on customer receptivity to a number of new concepts, and the list goes on.

In this case, our client was somewhat sheltered in its product development processes from end customers because it sold through distributors. It literally did not understand who its customers were, why it was being selected, what those customers’ needs were, and how it could improve and gain more wallet share.

The solution: Acclaro developed a number of hypotheses to answer each of these questions. In order to answer them, we needed to carefully create a sample of customers and prospective/potential customers. We needed to create questions such that, if answered, they would provide distinct insights to confirm or refute those hypotheses. In addition, we wanted to facilitate multiple ways for these end customers to weigh in with their own open-ended comments and suggestions.

The result: The CEO stated, “we went from not knowing anything about the utility of our products, other than that it was selling – to knowing exactly why it was selling, how we could sell more, and whom to target in our business development efforts.” It was a Grand Slam.

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