Corporate Dilemma

The problem: A client was well aware that it had a problem. It created the problem by sacrificing quality, and its market share had quickly eroded – dramatically. Management wondered if its legacy and any remaining loyalty plus some major improvements, would be enough to pull it out of its nosedive, or if they would be too little, too late.

The solution: Acclaro quickly assessed loyalty levels and discovered that many customers and channel partners still had tremendous affinity for the Company. However, they were bitter about management’s decisions on how to adjust the products they loved. We then assessed the positioning of competitors in the market to look for potential white space opportunities. Finally, a market assessment revealed specific areas of growth not yet being tapped into by competitors.

The result: While the research revealed specific competencies of the Company to tap into, customer unmet needs it could resolve, and gaps in competitor strategies and intentions, the decision to invest further in a struggling business was clearly at the Parent company level. Ultimately, our research, analysis and specific options teed up to consider were enough (along with management’s convictions) to convince the Parent Company to invest further.

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