Corporate Strategy

The problem: While we define ourselves as research-based strategy consultants, the “strategy” components is admittedly often not our domain. However, there have been a number of projects in which we act as facilitators in strategic planning meetings, create portions of the strategic growth plan, attend strategic planning meetings to present our research, analysis, and recommendations.

In this particular instance, no strategic plan existed. The founder of the business was offering a management buyout to his senior team, but the managers quickly pointed out that they had had little input on strategic direction and that there literally was no strategic plan.

The solution: Acclaro spent more than a month on-site, working side-by-side various members of the team conducting interviews, gathering external research, facilitating discussions, integrating perspectives and ultimately overseeing and/or writing the strategic growth plan.

The result: Based in large part on our collaboration with management, and our ability to get the management team on the same page with the founder, the transfer of leadership and ownership took place.

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