The Best Question

Need to define a successful consulting engagement?  Check out my white paper on 10 Ways to get the most out of your consulting relationship on your next engagement. He wanted to know how they had performed on the team with us After a recent project, the client asked a question that would essentially turn the client/service provider relationship on…
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Who do CEOs turn to for a second opinion?

Following is a synopsis of an article that originally appeared in European CEO. Lower middle market CEOs in particular often are described as having certain positive attributes: Confident, knowledgeable, experienced, nimble, decisive. And yet, in some cases, those very attributes can serve as burdens, blinding the CEOs to alternative perspectives, new or changing information, contradictory feedback or the…
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Take Off Your Blinders

Following is an example of our work, results, and approaches to sticky situations, opportunities and challenges. Traditional, Post-LOI Market Diligence - A Case Study Problem: An excited client was slightly nervous. They were pursuing a proprietary deal in an obscure, niche-y space. Management had no data on the external market dynamics Unwilling to share customer lists Not…
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