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Services for the full lifecycle of a business.

services for the full lifecycle of a business

  • BuySight is market diligence for potential acquisitions.
  • GrowSight is strategic consulting and value creation for middle market portfolio companies and enterprise clients.
  • SellSight provides financial sponsors, founder-owners and investment banks with market studies that accelerate the velocity of the deal cycle.


We help middle market private equity groups and corporate acquirers, lenders, family offices and independent sponsors make better investment decisions.

Acclaro’s Buy-Sight Market Diligence helps you assess risk. We validate your investment hypotheses, pressure-test points of attraction and risk factors to carefully assess the opportunity. We identify key initiatives that position our clients and their partners for sustained growth.


We help business owners and management teams make confident decisions about their path to growth.

Our research and insights are actionable and lead to sustained value. We help you identify opportunities so you can move forward with confidence. Our process, people and experience across a multitude of industries helps you drive growth.


Financial sponsors, founder-owners and investment banks rely on Acclaro’s SellSight Market Studies to accelerate time to close and amplify the value of their deals.

Market studies are an important part of the sales process, serving the need to amplify the positive, enhance the value of the deal and reduce the uncertainty for prospective bidders.

We develop a narrative that is grounded in fact. We define the market, assess the perspectives from market participants, and identify opportunities for growth. The result is a streamlined sales process with greater clarity.

Our founder Kit Lisle is building a community of CXOs of PE-backed ventures. Learn more about his Strategic Growth Council.

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