Sell-Side Market Studies

Acclaro’s Sell-Side Market Studies

We Allay the Concerns of Middle-Market Businesses Involved in Sell-Side Processes.

Limited Time To Craft Data Decks About The External Opportunity
We augment your internal research and slide generation efforts.

Complicated market
Define the market such that buyers quickly grasp the context, size and value proposition.

Eliminate false assumptions
Describe the segment as an insulated niche, unique from overarching industry dynamics. This helps alleviate visceral negative gut reactions about an industry.

Path to growth
Portray a clear view of market opportunities, customer demand, unique positioning and differentiation from competitors; demonstrate an obvious path for even more robust growth.

Demonstrated upside
Prioritized list of tasks, or opportunities for improvement, combined with expected impact of the changes, outline of achievable performance improvement levers for the future.

What can you expect from AGP through this process?

There are several workstreams included in this engagement over a short timeline so it is important that you understand what elements – including deliverables – you can expect to receive over the 3-to-8 week assignment.

Collaboration: our job is to tell a compelling and defensible sales narrative on your behalf. What we request from you is timely and honest feedback to ensure we are collectively successful.

Communication: we will be in constant contact with you as we identify insights or takeaways to ensure you know our progress and to share ideas relative to telling your story.

Meaningful analysis: we will deliver – in PPT format – a story with meaningful takeaways that are not only valuable to you, the seller, but also to the management team.

Multiple deliverables: there are times that the deliverable you want in the data room may not be the same as the deliverable you share with management. If necessary, we will prepare two deliverables – one for management as it prepares for the tough questions from prospective buyers and one that tells the narrative from a more positive light (the data room version).

Post-engagement support: we expect that you may need us to either present the findings to prospective buyers or partners, this support is built into the scope of the engagement.